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Version: 9.2.7

Holy Priest Consumables

This page contains mechanical information on Holy Priest consumables.


This page is currently being updated with the notes from the last 12 months. Why is it taking so long? The priority is really on Holy Priest specific mechanics, and most of this page are general/shared with other classes & specs and is much more common or easily obtained knowledge.

Potions, Flasks & Oils

Potion of Spiritual Clarity

Potion of Spiritual Clarity aka. Channelled Mana Potion

  • Returns 1,000 mana for each tick of the channel (every 1-second).
  • Mana return spell is Potion of Spiritual Clarity
  • Channel time is not reduced by haste.

Spiritual Healing Potion

Spiritual Healing Potion aka. Health Pot