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Version: 9.2.7

Holy Priest Covenants

This page contains details on the Covenant Abilities, Soulbinds and Conduits.


This page is currently being updated with the notes from the last 12 months. Why is it taking so long? The priority is really on Holy Priest specific mechanics, and most of this page are general/shared with other classes & specs and is much more common or easily obtained knowledge.

Wowhead soulbind calculator.


Signature Ability: Summon Steward.

  • Notes on this ability coming.

Priest Class Ability: Boon of the Ascended aka. Boon, Booon, Boooon, Booooon



Forgelite Prime Mikanikos


Signature Ability: Fleshcraft.

  • Notes on this ability coming.

Priest Class Ability: Unholy Nova aka. UN

Plague Deviser Marileth


Bonesmith Heirmir

Night Fae


Signature Ability: Soulshape

  • It's super fun to have movement as a priest. Love it, embrace it.
  • Casting almost any spell while in soulshape will cancel it.
  • When cast, immediately teleports you forward and grants the Soulshape buff, which lasts for 12-seconds.
    • Soulshape last infinitely when in a rest area like towns or cities.
  • During the Soulshape buff, the Soulshape ability becomes Flicker which is a 15-yard blink forwards on a 4-second cooldown.
    • This blink can be changed from a blink forwards, to a blink in the same direction you are travelling. Toggling this effect on or off is done by talking to Lady Munn in the Heart of the Forest about Natural Impetus.
  • The teleport effect can be used to avoid beams/traps like a regular mage blink.
  • Moving in Soulshape and Flickering on cooldown is slightly slower than regular mounted speed.
  • None of the various cosmetic soulshape skins have any effect on the soulshape ability itself.

Fae Guardians

Priest Class Ability: Fae Guardians aka. FG

/target [@mouseover] /cast Fae Guardians /targetlasttarget

Death Knight - BloodVampiric Blood
Death Knight - FrostEmpower Rune Weapon
Death Knight - UnholyApocalypse
Demon Hunter - HavocMetamorphosis
Demon Hunter - VengeanceMetamorphosis
Druid - BalanceCelestial Alignment/Incarnation: Chosen of Elune
Druid - FeralBerserk/Incarnation: King of the Jungle
Druid - GuardianBerserk/Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc
Druid - RestorationTranquility
Hunter - Beast MasterAspect of the Wild
Hunter - MarksmanshipTrueshot
Hunter - SurvivalCoordinated Assault
Mage - ArcaneArcane Power
Mage - FireCombustion
Mage - FrostIcy Veins/Ice Form
Monk - BrewmasterFortifying Brew
Monk - MistweaverRevival
Monk - WindwalkerStorm, Earth, and Fire/Serenity
Paladin - HolyAvenging Wrath/Avenging Crusader
Paladin - ProtectionAvenging Wrath
Paladin - RetributionAvenging Wrath/Crusade
Priest - DisciplineRapture/Spirit Shell
Priest - HolyDivine Hymn
Priest - ShadowVoid Eruption
Rogue - AssassinationVendetta
Rogue - OutlawAdrenaline Rush
Rogue - SubtletyShadow Blades
Shaman - ElementalFire Elemental/ Storm Elemental
Shaman - EnhancementFeral Spirit
Shaman - RestorationHealing Tide Totem
Warlock - AfflictionSummon Darkglare
Warlock - DemonologySummon Demonic Tyrant
Warlock - DestructionSummon Infernal
Warrior - ArmsBladestorm/Ravager
Warrior - FuryRecklessness
Warrior - ProtectionAvatar
  • The cooldown reduction during Benevolent Faerie is increased by 100%. This means for every 1 second a target has Benevolent Faerie, their major cooldown gains an extra 1 second, so 2 seconds total; Having Benevolent Faerie for the full 20s grants an additional 20s of cooldown reduction, for 40 seconds total.
  • Wrathful Faerie
    • Follows Shadow Word: Pain
    • Restores mana whenever anyone attacks the target, not just the casting priest
      • The mana return has an internal cooldown of 0.75 seconds.
      • Average mana return per cast without any mana pool increasing effects is around 6,667 mana.
      • The mana return scales with mana pool increasing effects such as the chest enchant Eternal Bounds. Eternal Bounds grants around 400 extra mana per Wrathful Faerie cast.





Signature Ability: Door of Shadows.

  • Notes on this ability coming.

Priest Class Ability: Mindgames.

Nadjia the Mistblade

Theotar the Mad Duke

General Draven


Potency Conduits

Holy Oration

Holy Oration aka HO

  • Is actually pretty useless in terms of the CDR it provides.
  • The CDR it provides is additive and does not get multiplied by other buffs like Light of the Naaru or Apotheosis

Endurance Conduits

Finesse Conduits