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Version: 9.2.7

Holy Priest Stats and Scaling


The following applies to a Holy Priest at level 60. Many of the stats scale differently at lower levels.

Primary Stats


  • Intellect is our primary stat, and provides one "spellpower" per point of intellect
  • Wearing all cloth will grant you an additional 5% Intellect


  • Mana pool is 50,000. This can be increased by some abilities including:
  • Base Mana regeneration in combat is 2,000 mp5 or 400 Mana per second.
  • Base Mana regeneration with Englightenment is an additional 200 mp4, or 40 Mana per second.
    • This brings the total to 2,200 mp5 or 440 Mana per second.
    • This amount does not increase with effects that increase the mana pool.

Secondary Stats


Looking for information on Stat Diminishing Returns (DR) and the Stat DR breakpoints? Right at the bottom of the page, below the important information.

Critical Strike

aka. Crit



aka. Vers


Mastery: Echo fo Light aka. Echo, EoL

  • Holy Priest base Mastery is 10%.

  • It requires 28 Mastery rating at 60 to increase Mastery by 1%.

  • Echo is unable to Crit.

  • Echo ticks every 3 seconds, regardless of being refreshed.

  • Echo is not affected by Haste.

  • Echo is not affected by healing increases including Versatility, Intellect (Spellpower) or healing buffs.

    • Echo's amount is based entirely on the healing done by the spell that procced it.
  • Can be procced by nearly all direct heals caused by the priest, including Traits, Trinkets and Enchants.

  • Can not be procced by HoTs, this includes Renew.

  • How Echo of Light works with only one spell triggering the effect on a target during its duration:

    • Holy Priest healing spell heals the target for 100,000 (example value)
    • Holy Priest has 40% mastery, so a 6-second buff is added to the target that will heal for 40,000
    • The first heal is after 3 seconds, and it will heal for 50% of the total amount (20,000)
    • The second heal is after another 3 seconds, and it will heal for the remaining amount (20,000)
    • Echo buff expires from the target
  • How Echo of Light works with multiple spells triggering the effect on a target during its duration:

    • Holy Priest healing spell heals the target for 100,000 (example value)
    • Holy Priest has 40% mastery, so a 6-second buff is added to the target that will heal for 40,000
    • The first heal is after 3 seconds, and it will heal for half of the total amount (20,000)
    • Holy Priest healing spell heals the target for 200,000 (example value)
      • Holy Priest still has 40% mastery so the Echo of Light buff on the target is increased by 80,000
      • The total Echo "pool" is now 100,000 (20,000 remaining from the first application + 80,000 from the second)
      • The duration is extended with enough time for Echo to tick 3 times
    • Each successive tick of Echo from now on will tick for 33% of the remaining amount of Echo on that target last time it was refreshed.
    • Each successive proc of Echo on that target will simply keep increasing the healing pool amount and increasing the duration of the buff to accommodate 3 more ticks.
  • The Glyph of Angels which applies the Glyph of Angels effect attaches to your Echo of Light passive, requiring level 11 to use it.

Tertiary Stats



  • Holy priest base Leech is 0%.
  • It requires 21 Leech rating at 60 to increase Leech by 1%.
  • Leech heals you for Leech% when you do damage or heal someone, with the following caveats:
  • Leech healing that fully overheal do not generate combat events.


  • It takes 14 Avoidance rating at 60 to increase Avoidance by 1%.
  • Avoidance doesn't reduce all damage taken, just damage from "AOE" effects


  • It takes 10 Speed rating at 60 to increase Speed by 1%.

Diminishing Returns

Source: WoWHead

As of Shadowlands, secondary stats gained from flat stat rating effects are now subject to diminishing returns when certain levels of those stats are met.


The simple explanation is: After specific breakpoints, it takes more secondary stat to gain an additional 1% stat from gear.

The penalties kick in at certain stat percentage levels, and each penalty level only applies to the stats that make up that part of that specific percentage range. That means all the stats that contribute to the initial 0-30% of your specific secondary stat is untouched by any penalty.

0 to 30%None
30% to 39%10%
39% to 47%20%
47% to 54%30%
54% to 66%40%
66% to 126%50%

Mastery rating works slightly different to other stats. There is a "base" Mastery rating for all classes which has a value of 35 per 1% and is used to calculate the diminishing returns. Once the final rating amount is calculated after diminishing returns, Holy Priest has a modifier which instead gives us 1% Mastery for each 28 rating left over.

An example with numbers:

  • It requires 33 Haste rating to gain 1% haste, for the first 30% Haste.
  • 30% haste is 990 Haste rating. At this point you are getting full value for all 990 Haste rating.
  • Now you gain another 10 haste from gear for a total of 1000. This haste rating now falls into the 10% Penalty section, so you are in essence only gaining 9 haste (10% penalty on 10 rating leaves 9). Due to the penalty, you in essence have "lost" 1 haste rating to the DR penalty for having "too much" haste rating.

The breakpoints in rating are as follows (First three penalty bands):

StatNo Penalty10% Penalty20% Penalty30% Penalty40% Penalty50% Penalty
Critical Strike0-10501051-14001401-17501751-21002101 - 24502451+

The base 5% Critical Strike and 10% Mastery you get baseline as a Holy Priest does not count towards these breakpoints, it's just the rating from gear & effects. Likewise no other effects that increase a stat by X% count towards this, only effects that increase secondary stat rating.