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Version: 9.2.7

Holy Talents

This page contains details on Holy Priest talents and how they work.

Looking for a Talent guide?

This page is not a guide, see the Guides page for information on what Talents to choose and how to properly use them.

Below is the talent tree as of Patch 9.1.0. You can view an interactive version on WoWHead's Holy Priest Talent calculator.

15EnglightenmentTrail of LightRenewed Faith
25Angel's MercyBody and SoulAngelic Feather
30Cosmic RippleGuardian AngelAfterlife
35Psychic VoiceCensureShining Force
40Surge of LightBinding HealPrayer Circle
45BenedictionDivine StarHalo
50Light of the NaaruApotheosisHoly Word: Salvation

Level 15

The level 15 talent theme is mana efficiency.


Englightenment aka. Enl

  • Enlightenment at 60 adds 200 mp5 or 40 Mana (jump) per second
    • This brings the total base regen to 2,200 mp5 or 440 Mana per second

Trail of Light

Trail of Light aka. ToL, Trail

  • Heal amount of Trail is 35% of Flash Heal or Heal including when it critical strikes.
  • The additional heal provided by Trail of Light is its own healing spell Trail of Light.
  • Does proc Echo of Light.
  • Always heals the previous target, it will not heal your Flash Heal target:
    • Flash Heal Player A, ToL heals the previous target
    • Flash Heal Player B, ToL heals Player A
    • Flash Heal Player B again, ToL heals Player A again

Renewed Faith

Renewed Faith aka. RF

  • Only affects your own healing on targets affected by your own Renew.

Level 25

The level 25 talent theme is survivability.

Angel's Mercy

Angel's Mercy aka Mercy

  • Specific CDR provided for different damage amounts is unknown at this time.
  • It is confirmed through testing and logs that more damage taken does, however, result in more cooldown-reduction.

Body and Soul

Body and Soul aka B&S

  • Currently nothing of note. Would need a holy priest to use it first...

Angelic Feather

Angelic Feather aka Feather

  • Prefers the casting priest if cast underneath them, meaning if a group is stacked together then feather should still speed-boost the casting priest as a priority and not pick a target at random.
  • Can’t be used with macro conditions like @target, @focus, @mouseover and @targettarget.
  • Can be used with both the @cursor and @player macro conditions.
  • @player is most commonly used as it immediately applies the speed boost to the casting priest.
/cast [@player] Angelic Feather
  • @cursor can be used to directly cast it under the mouse cursor.
/cast [@cursor] Angelic Feather

Level 30

The level 30 talent theme is passive healing increases.

Cosmic Ripple

Cosmic Ripple aka CR, Ripple

  • Behaves like a smart heal, preferring injured health allies within 39.5 yards when triggered.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel aka GA

  • Cooldown of Guardian Spirit is set to 60 seconds if Guardian Spirit expires on a target without the life-saving portion coming into effect.
  • Multiple Guardian Spirit's on a target will not stack the healing increase.



Level 35

The level 35 talent theme is enemy crowd control.

Psychic Voice

Psychic Voice

  • Currently nothing of note.



  • Talenting into Censure replaces the incapacitate effect that Holy Word: Chastise usually has with a stun.
  • The stun shares stun DR with other stun effects.

Shining Force

Shining Force aka SF

  • The knockback and snare effects are separate, so you can knock back snare-immune enemies, and slow knockback immune enemies
  • The radius of Shining Force around the friendly target is 10 yards

Level 40

The level 40 talent theme is all over the place.

Surge of Light

Surge of Light aka SoL, Surge

  • The buff it generates Surge of Light lasts for 20-seconds and can stack 2 times.
  • Any successive procs while at 2 stacks will refresh the timer to 20-seconds.
  • SoL proc does not make Flash Heal cast faster, it just moves the healing portion of a Flash Heal to the start of the GCD rather than the end (The cast speed of Flash Heal is the length of the GCD).
  • Flash Heals that consume SoL can also proc it again.
  • Surge has a flat 8% chance to proc, it is not on the RPPM system and has no badluck protection.
  • Surge can be procced by the following spells:
Circle of HealingBinding Heal 🤢
Desperate PrayerFlash Heal
Divine HymnHeal
Divine StarPrayer of Healing
Holy Word: SanctifySmite
Holy Word: Serenity
Prayer of Mending

Binding Heal

Binding Heal aka BH

  • Has 3 components:
    • Heal on the target you cast it on
    • Heal on yourself
    • Smart heal on an injured ally within 20 yards of your target
  • BH is affected by Holy Words:

Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle aka PC

  • Currently nothing of note.

Level 45

The level 45 talent theme is mana efficient healing throughput increases.


Benediction aka Bene

  • Renew placed by Benediction do not count as a cast, and therefore don’t generate cooldown reduction for Holy Word: Sanctify through Holy Words, or count as a cast on WCL.

Divine Star

Divine Star aka DS, Dstar, Divstar


Despite Divine Star being a fairly complicated spell mechanically, there is nothing that needs to be understood or done to get good value out of your casts. Divine Star healing "just works" and on average will do the proper healing you would expect... when it actually returns back to you.

  • Has a mind of its own in regards to when it will hit a pebble on the ground and return to you early.
  • If you move too far after your initial cast, Divstar will not return back to you.
  • Targets around 24 yards from you should be hit twice
  • Targets around 24-29 yards from you should be hit only once
  • Heals the first 6 targets for the full tooltip amount
    • Scales down from the 7th target onwards using a "square-root" scaling technique

Note: Prior to 9.1.5 the old scaling Divine Star used "basically" rounded the amount of healing down to the equivalent of 6 targets.

Blue post on AOE Capping for some healing spells



Healing Component

  • Caps at 20 targets
  • Will heal pets and guardians as part of the cap
  • Heals the first 6 targets for the full tooltip amount
    • Scales down from the 7th target onwards using a "square-root" scaling technique

Note: Prior to 9.1.5 the old scaling Halo used "basically" rounded the amount of healing down to the equivalent of 6 targets.

Blue post on AOE Capping for some healing spells

Level 50

The level 50 talent theme is significant healing throughput increases.

Light of the Naaru

Light of the Naaru aka LotN


Apotheosis aka Apoth