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Version: 9.2.7

Patch 9.2 Holy Priest Changes

Incomplete List

This is not a comprehensive list and may be missing some changes, for example undocumented hotfixes or uninteresting bug fixes.

Patch 9.2.5 was released on May 31, 2022. This page will have relevant changes from data-mining and testing on the PTR until release.

Spell Changes

No notable changes.

Talent Changes

No notable changes.

Shadowlands Systems

No notable changes.

Other Systems

No notable changes.

Notable hotfixes

No notable changes.

Known issues


  • (Build - Halo has a target cap of 20 targets. It hits pets and guardians, so much of the 20-target cap is often taken up by useless overhealing on pets and guardians.
  • (Build - Shadow Word: Manipulation doesn't increase the "damage done heals the target instead" (healing) component by 10%.
  • (Build - When Guardian Spirit is present on an enemy that dies in a way that Guardian Spirit is not given an opportunity to save them (such as some raid mechanics, or players with Forgeborne Reveries), Guardian Angel is not triggered and the cooldown of Guardian Spirit is not set back to 60-seconds.
  • (Build - Podtender can proc then the pod can die (even in raid/mythic+) and you are in SoR but also still pod so unable to cast.


Non-Priest Specific

  • (Build - Podtender debuff Depleted Shell doesn't clear when you wipe.


  • (Build - Prayer of Mending states it jumps "Up to 5 times" despite only jumping 4 times.
  • (Build - Divine Image will only cast Light Eruption when Holy Nova's initial hit damages more than 1 enemy target.
  • (Build - Power Word: Shield does not scale with the Holy Priest aura Holy Priest Spec Aura.
  • (Build - Symbol of Hope scales with haste and always returns more than 60 seconds of CDR (typically 65-70 seconds of CDR with normal haste levels) to all abilities. (Thanks @Cairngorm)