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Version: 10.x

Holy Priest Compendium

The Holy Priest Compendium is a collection of information from extensive research and testing which at the time of writing is as correct as possible.

It should be noted that there is very little PvP related information and most mechanics are not tested in PvP unless explicitly stated.

This is not a guide!

The compendium is intended to be a reference on game mechanics, this is not a guide! For Holy Priest guides check out the Guides page.

How can I contribute?

Unfortunately, due to the rate that Blizzard hotfix things without patch notes, some changes will slip by - if you notice something you think is in error please contact me either through @MechPriest on Twitter, or in the Mechanical Priest discord.

The best payment is feedback

People quite often ask how they can donate to support the site and its content, the best payment is feedback. Highlighting things that were confusing, lacking information or missing entirely are invaluable! If you still feel inclined to support it financially, you can use Patreon.


  • CDR – Cooldown-reduction – Typically referring to effects that reduce the remaining cooldown of an ability.
  • GCD – Global Cooldown – the short cooldown that is triggered for most abilities whenever you use most abilities.
  • HoT – Typically refers to a Heal-over-Time effect.
  • Proc – Gaming term for a special procedure or event being triggered.
  • WCL – Warcraft Logs.