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Holy Priest Guides

Holy Priest Guides are the best resource to help answer your questions and improve your gameplay.

These guides include an array of information including covenants, stats, trinkets and spell comparisons.

The guides we suggest are:

Further questions? Stop by the Warcraft Priests Discord and say Hi to us in #holy or check out #holy-faq for links to more information!

Support & Contribute

Unfortunately, due to the rate that Blizzard hotfix things without patch notes, some changes will slip by - if you notice something you think is in error please contact me either through @MechPriest on Twitter, or in the Mechanical Priest discord.

The best payment is feedback

People quite often ask how they can donate to support the site and its content, the best payment is feedback. Highlighting things that were confusing, lacking information or missing entirely are invaluable! If you still feel inclined to support it financially, you can instead waste your money on the site through Patreon.