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Version: 9.2.7

Holy Priest Legendaries

This page contains mechanical information on Holy Priest legendary powers.


This page is currently being updated with the notes from the last 12 months.


In patch 9.2, a new legedary power Unity was added, which requires Revered with The Enlightened and can be crafted on almost any slot. There is also the Cord of Unity item purchasable from Vilo in Zereth Mortis which has the same effect.

Unity doesn't do anything special on its own. When you swap covenant, the legendary power changes to your covenants legendary power. For example if you swap to Night Fae, the item grants the Bwonsamdi's Pact. If you then swap to Necrolord later, it then grants Pallid Command and so forth.

Flash Concentration

The Holy Priest specific legendary power Flash Concentration is obtained from Grand Proctor Beryllia in Sanguine Depths and is craftable on the Neck and Wrist slots. It's primary purpose is to improve Heal through buffing its healing done and reducing its cast time.

  • The buff is Flash Concentration (336267).
  • The buff is granted by casting Flash Heal.
  • The buff stacks to 5.
  • The base duration of the buff is 20 seconds.
  • Refreshing the buff at any point returns the duration to 20 seconds.
  • The buff does not clear upon entering combat and can be built and maintained up prior to a raid/dungeon encounter.
  • Casting Heal does not consume a stack.

Divine Image

The Holy Priest specific legendary power Divine Image is obtained from Torghast and is craftable on the Head, Waist and Back slots. This legendary power is the same as the Legion artifact trait we had Invoke the Naaru, but without the internal cooldown.

  • Divine Image has a 25% chance to triggered by casting Holy Word: Serenity, Holy Word: Sanctify, Holy Word: Chastise and Holy Word: Salvation.
  • You can have multiple Narru out at once from Divine Image if you're lucky, and they will each behave independently of one another.
  • None of the healing or damage spells from Divine Image scale with the Holy Priest aura Holy Priest Spec Aura.
  • None of the healing or damage spells have the 5% variance most other spells do.
  • All damage and healing spells scale with Intellect (Their base coefficient is spellpower).
  • All damage and healing spells scale with Versatility and can Critical Strike.
  • None of the healing spells trigger Mastery Echo of Light.

There are 6 possible casts from Divine Image, each one happens when you cast the appropriate trigger spell.

Divine Image SpellTrigger Spell(s)
Healing LightDesperate Prayer
Flash Heal
Holy Word: Serenity
Power Word: Shield
Dazzling LightsCircle of Healing
Divine Hymn
Holy Word: Sanctify
Prayer of Healing
Searing LightHoly Fire
Holy Word: Chastise
Shadow Word: Pain
Shadow Word: Death
Light EruptionHoly Nova
Blessed LightPrayer of Mending
Tranquil LightRenew
NothingCosmic Ripple
Divine Star
Psychic Scream
Holy Word: Salvation
Symbol of Hope

Other notes about each of the Divine Image spells:

Healing Light

  • Nothing of note.

Dazzling Lights

  • Prefers injured targets.
  • Will heal pets.
  • Only has a 15-yard radius (Looks like a copy/paste of the Legion smart heal version of PoH).
  • Each tick of Divine Hymn will proc Dazzling Lights.

Searing Light

  • Nothing of note.

Light Eruption

  • Only triggers if Holy Nova hits more than 1 target.
    • Does not trigger from the secondary damage from rank 2 Holy Nova.
  • Only trigger from Holy Nova damage (Holy Nova healing trigger nothing).

Blessed Light

Tranquil Light

  • Scales with haste.
Blue post on AOE Capping for some healing spells

Bwonsamdi's Pact

The Night Fae legendary Bwonsamdi's Pact is a reward from reaching 48 renown with Night Fae and is craftable on Head, Waist and Hands. It creates another buff (because there weren't enough already) on whatever target Fae Guardians is cast on. To move this buff around, you simply cast Fae Guardians again during the buff and the mask will jump to that target.