Holy Priest Healing With Flash Concentration

Flash Concentration is a shiny new legendary power available to us in Shadowlands. Obtained from Grand Proctor Beryllia in Sanguine Depths, this legendary power can be crafted onto your Neck or Wrist. Equipping it causes casts of Flash Heal to grant you a short 20-second buff stacking up to 5 times that both reduces the […]

Why Healing Parses Don’t Matter

Why Healing Parses Don’t Matter Here’s the TL;DR section for those of you who feel it could be an HPS loss to read into each point in detail. Excelling as a healer is about performing the role that your raid team requires to succeed in the encounter, to the best of your ability. This doesn’t […]

BfA Holy Priest Theorycrafting & Resource Creation

Leading up to Battle for Azeroth and in the weeks following, there has been an incredible amount of work that’s gone into developing Holy Priest resources by myself and many others. We have all been busy working on content to help everyone from the newest Holy Priest to the multi-expansion veterans, including: Authoring the revamped Icy […]

[Legion] Does T21 answer our prayers?

TL;DR When do I swap to T21? You probably should already be running it, T21 can see benefit in as little as 10-20 ilvls per piece above T20 depending on how well you are able to weave with it. How do I play to T21’s bonuses? Binding Heal has really good synergy with it. Binding Heal for […]

[Legion] Holy Priest Antorus Gear Guide

With the opening of Antorus coming soon, and patch notes released, this writeup aims to provide a quick synopsis of the unique gear that will help us do our job, and keep the raid alive. As with every other raid opening in Legion, best in slot (BiS) list is an outdated term with the current […]

Enduring Renewal’s “Refresh” Mechanic

Shadowlands Update: As of patch 9.0, Enduring Renewal has been removed from the game. RIP ER you and your memes will be missed. Enduring Renewal is a talent that’s had a bit of a hard time this expansion. Prior to 7.1.5, it suffered from being on the same talent tier as Trail of Light, which […]

[FIXED] 3 Months Later, Cosmic Ripple is Still Broken

So now that it’s become just a bit more relevant due to Binding Heal‘s newfound strength, I’d like to talk about a bug that has to do with the new gold trait Holy Priests recieved in 7.2, Cosmic Ripple. This bug has been around since CR was introduced, and still hasn’t been fixed to this […]

[FIXED] Binding Heal Does What It Wants

Binding Heal has had a hard time this expansion, starting with 7.0 where Surge of Light was really valuable, and continuing into 7.1.5 when we moved on to Piety as our primary raiding talent choice on the T75 tier. With the recent tuning changes in 7.2.5 people are trying Binding Heal once more and the results […]

[FIXED] Just How Broken Is Sea Star Of The Depthmother?

Update 28/6/17 So there was a hotfix overnight which slightly changed how the trinket works, bringing it more in line with other ToS trinkets. Depending on overheal values it’s still on top, but it’s no longer on top by as much. Here’s what changed: Sea Star of the Depthmother’s Ocean’s Embrace now has an 8 […]