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Version: 10.x

Patch 10.0.5 Holy Priest Changes

Incomplete List

This is not a comprehensive list and may be missing some changes, for example, undocumented hotfixes, PvP changes or uninteresting bug fixes.

Patch 10.0.5 had a release date of Jan 24th 2023.

Spell Changes

Class Tree

Holy Tree

  • Burning Vehemence swapped positions with Searing Light, was converted into a 2-point talent and redesigned. It now increases the damage of Holy Fire by 15%/30% and causes Holy Fire to deal 15%/30% of its initial damage to all nearby enemies within 12 yards of your target. Damage reduced beyond 5 targets.
  • Searing Light swapped positions with Burning Vehemence and is now a 1-point talent.
  • Prayers of the Virtuous now increases the maximum stacks of Prayer of Mending by 2 per point (to 12/14).

Dragonflight Systems

Revival Catalyst

Patch 10.0.5 brings with it the revival catalyst which can be used to alter items. Charges are unlocked once per week and can be spent on Season 1 items to change them to the catalyst item from the table below.

SlotReplacement Item

Notable hotfixes

  • Jan 24, 2023: More spells are now castable while in Spirit of Redemption, including Power Word: Life, Power Infusion, Lightwell, Divine Word, Divine Word: Sanctuary and Angelic Feather.
  • Jan 24, 2023: Fixed an issue causing Harmonious Apparatus to sometimes not grant the correct amount of cooldown reduction.


See the Patch 10.2.5 page for details on Dragonflight bugs. They're being tracked and updated there.

Other Notes

  • Nothing of note.