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Patch 10.0 Holy Priest Changes

Work in Progress

This page is in the process of being updated for Dragonflight!

Much of this site is being updated to reflect Dragonflight. As such you may find some pages are incomplete. Time-permitting these should all be updated around or just after Dragonflight launch.

Incomplete List

This is not a comprehensive list and may be missing some changes, for example undocumented hotfixes or uninteresting bug fixes.

Patch 10.0 has no release date. This page will have relevant changes from data-mining and testing on the Alpha/Beta/PTR until release.

Spell Changes

  • Spell brief change description
    • Note: what this means, no opinion.

Dragonflight Systems

No notable systems.

Other Systems

No notable changes.

Notable hotfixes

  • Mmm. dd, 2022: no notable hotfixes yet.

Known issues




Opinions & Posts

Alpha First Look

  • Some opinion on the first release of the Holy Priest Alpha talent tree and spell changes can be found Here.