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Version: 10.x

Patch 10.0.2 Holy Priest Changes

Incomplete List

This is not a comprehensive list and may be missing some changes, for example undocumented hotfixes or uninteresting bug fixes.

Patch 10.0.2 is the Dragonflight launch patch and has a release date of Nov 28th 2022.

Spell Changes

Too many Talent changes to mention with the new trees.

Dragonflight Systems

Season 1 Set Bonus

Season 1 brings with it 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses. At time of writing, they are:

(2) Set Bonus: Casting Prayer of Mending reduces the cast time of your next Heal or Prayer of Healing by 1.0 seconds and increases their Holy Word cooldown reduction effect by 2.0 seconds.

(4) Set Bonus: When Holy Word: Serenity or Holy Word: Sanctify finish their cooldown, you gain 10% critical strike chance for 6 seconds.

The items that are a part of the bonus:

Notable hotfixes

  • Jan. 09, 2023: All healing done increased by 3%
  • Dec. 07, 2022: Fixed an issue causing Answered Prayers to not be removed when extending Apotheosis.
  • Dec. 01, 2022: Fixed an issue causing queued Heals to not gain a cast time reduction from Lightweaver after casting Flash Heal.
  • Oct. 12, 2022: (4) Set Bonus: Bonus changed to 10% critical strike for 6 seconds (was 15% for 8 seconds).


  • Sep. 06, 2022: Beta feedback post by Shelanne on the Power Word: Updated beta talent tree is here.
  • Aug. 03, 2022: Alpha feedback post by Xaph on the initial alpha release can be found here.
  • Jul. 25, 2022: Alpha feedback post by Shelanne on the initial alpha release can be found here.
  • Jul. 15, 2022: Alpha First Look - Some opinion on the first release of the Holy Priest Alpha talent tree and spell changes can be found here.


See the Patch 10.2.5 page for details on Dragonflight bugs. They're being tracked and updated there.

Other Notes

  • Nothing of note.