Holy Priest Compendium

Mechanical Priest

Welcome to the Holy Priest Mechanics Compendium. This document aims to try and build up a list of the mechanical behaviour and interactions with the spells, abilities and auras in our toolkit.

Spells Compendium



  • CDR – Cooldown-reduction – Typically referring to effects that reduce the remaining cooldown of an ability
  • GCD – Global Cooldown – the short cooldown that is triggered for most abilities whenever you use most ability
  • HoT – Typically refers to a Heal-over-Time effect
  • Proc – Gaming term for a special procedure or event being triggered
  • WCL – Warcraft Logs


  • [RT] – Requires further testing or confirmation
  • [Legion] – This mechanic only existed or was relevant in the Legion expansion

Core Mechanics


  • Holy Priest Mana pool at 120 is 100,000. This can be increased by racial abilities
  • Base Mana refers to the 100,000 number regardless of racial abilities
  • Base Mana regeneration for Holy Priest at 120 in combat is 4,000 mp5 or 800 Mana per second
  • Base Mana regeneration with Enlightenment (jump) is an additional 400 mp5 or 80 Mana (jump) per second
    • This brings the total to 4,400 mp5 or 880 Mana per second

Critical Strike

Critical Strike (aka Crit)

  • Holy Priest base Critical Strike at 120 is 5%. This can be increased by racial abilities
  • It requires 72 Critical Strike rating at 120 to increase Critical Strike by 1%
  • Critical Strike has a chance equal to your Critical Strike percentage of a spell healing for double it’s normal amount
  • Echo of Light is unable to Crit



  • Holy priest base haste at 120 is 0%. This can be increased by racial abilities
  • It requires 68 Haste rating at 120 to increase Haste by 1%
  • Haste modifies the speed at which we cast spells
  • Haste also modifies the cooldown of some spells
  • Haste increases the healing done by most HoT spells such as Renew (jump) by increasing the number of ticks
    • HoTs do not have haste breakpoints, any “extra” haste outside of added ticks is added at the end of the HoT as a micro-tick

Mastery: Echo of Light

Echo of Light (aka Echo, EoL)

  • Echo is unable to Crit
  • Ticks every 3 seconds regardless of being refreshed and is not affected by Haste
  • Not affected by healing increase effects such as Versatility, Intellect or buffs & debuffs. Its amount is based entirely on the healing done by the spell that procced it.
  • How Echo of Light works with only one spell triggering the effect on a target during its duration:
    1. Holy Priest healing spell heals the target for 100,000 (example value)
    2. Holy Priest has 40% mastery, so a 6-second buff is added to the target that will heal for 40,000
    3. The first heal is after 3 seconds, and it will heal for 50% of the total amount (20,000)
    4. The second heal is after another 3 seconds, and it will heal for the remaining amount (20,000)
    5. Echo buff expires from the target
  • How Echo of Light works with multiple spells triggering the effect on a target during its duration:
    1. Holy Priest healing spell heals the target for 100,000 (example value)
    2. Holy Priest has 40% mastery, so a 6-second buff is added to the target that will heal for 40,000
    3. The first heal is after 3 seconds, and it will heal for half of the total amount (20,000)
    4. Holy Priest healing spell heals the target for 200,000 (example value)
      1. Holy Priest still has 40% mastery so the Echo of Light buff on the target is increased by 80,000
      2. The total Echo “pool” is now 100,000 (20,000 remaining from the first application + 80,000 from the second)
      3. The duration is extended with enough time for Echo to tick 3 times
    5. Each successive tick of Echo from now on will tick for 33% of the remaining amount of Echo on that target last time it was refreshed.
    6. Each successive proc of Echo on that target will simply keep increasing the healing pool amount and increasing the duration of the buff to accommodate 3 more ticks.
  • The Glyph of Angels which applies the Glyph of Angels effect attaches to your Echo of Light passive, meaning although the Glyph states you need Level 25 to use it, you actually require 78 as that’s when you first obtain Echo of Light


Holy Words

Holy Words

Prayer of Mending

Prayer of Mending (aka. PoM)

  • Cooldown is reduced by Haste
  • Stacks to a maximum of 10 stacks
  • When bouncing to or cast on a target with PoM already, it increases the stacks up to 10 and refreshes the duration to 30 seconds
  • Does not collide with other Holy Priest’s PoM
  • Heals immediately after the target takes damage
  • Prefers bouncing to injured targets without PoM already
  • Can leave renew when talented into Benediction (jump)
  • Is left on targets hit by Salvation (jump)


Renew (aka “Don’t cast Renew”)

  • The initial heal component of Renew only procs Echo of Light (jump)
  • The amount of Renew ticks are modified by haste. Haste doesn’t increase the duration of Renew, just increase the number of ticks inside its regular duration
  • Renew scales linearly with haste with no breakpoints, resulting in a micro-tick of Renew to account for additional haste outside of added Renew ticks
  • Due to an effect commonly referred to as Pandemic, if renew is refreshed with less than 3 seconds remaining, that time is added on to the regular 15 seconds
  • [RT] Refreshing renew with more than 3 seconds remaining will only increase the remaining duration of Renew to 18 seconds (15 base + 3 extra)

Symbol of Hope

Symbol of Hope (aka. SoH, Symbol)

  • Restores a percentage of missing mana only, not total mana
  • Only affects friendly healers within 40 yards at the time of the cast


View our current talent tree on WoWhead.


Enlightenment (aka. Enl)

  • Enlightenment at 120 adds 400 mp5 or 80 Mana (jump) per second
    • This brings the total base regento 4,400 mp5 or 880 Mana per second

Trail of Light

Trail of Light (aka. ToL)

  • Heal amount is 40% of Flash Heal including when it critical strikes
  • The additional heal provided by Trail of Light is its own healing spell Trail of Light
  • Does proc Echo of Light (jump)
  • Always heals the previous target, it will not heal your Flash Heal target
    • Flash Heal Player A, ToL heals the previous target
    • Flash Heal Player B, ToL heals Player A
    • Flash Heal Player B again, ToL heals Player A again

Enduring Renewal

Enduring Renewal (aka. ER)

Angel’s Mercy

Angel’s Mercy (aka. AM … ?)

  • Specific CDR provided for different damage amounts is unknown at this time
  • It is confirmed through testing and logs that more damage taken does, however, result in more cooldown-reduction


Perseverance (aka. Pers)

Angelic Feather

Angelic Feather (aka. Feather)

  • Prefers the casting priest if cast underneath them, meaning if a group is stacked together then feather should still speed-boost the casting priest as a priority and not pick a target at random.
  • Can’t be used with macro conditions like @target@focus@mouseover and @targettarget
  • Can be used with both the @cursor and @player macro conditions
    • @player is most commonly used as it immediately applies the speed boost to the casting priest
      /cast [@player] Angelic Feather
    • @cursor can be used to directly cast it under the mouse cursor
      #showtooltip Angelic Feather
      /cast [@cursor] Angelic Feather

Cosmic Ripple

Cosmic Ripple (aka. CR)

  • Behaves like a smart heal, preferring injured health allies within 39.5 yards when triggered

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel (aka. GA)

  • Nothing of note.


Afterlife (aka. RIP Legendary Cloak)

  • Increases the duration of Spirit of Redemption from 15 seconds to 22.5 seconds

Psychic Voice

Psychic Voice (aka. PV)

  • Nothing of note.


Censure (aka. Stun)

  • Talenting into Censure replaces the incapacitate effect that Holy Word: Chastise usually has
  • The stun shares stun DR

Shining Force

Shining Force (aka. SF)

  • The knockback and snare effects are separate, so you can knock back snare-immune enemies, and slow knockback immune enemies
  • The radius of Shining Force around the friendly target is 10 yards

Surge of Light

Surge of Light (aka. SoL)

  • SoL proc does not make Flash Heal cast faster, it just moves the healing portion of a Flash Heal to the start of the GCD rather than the end (The cast speed of Flash Heal is the length of the GCD)
  • Flash Heals that consume SoL can also proc it

Binding Heal

Binding Heal (aka. BH)

  • Has 3 components
    • Heal on the target you cast it on
    • Heal on yourself
    • Smart heal on a nearby injured ally to your target
  • Only the direct heal component will refresh renew on a target with Enduring Renewal (jump) talented
  • BH is affected by Holy Words (jump)

Circle of Healing

Circle of Healing (aka. CoH)

  • The cooldown of CoH is reduced by Haste
  • A smart heal, healing the target and the 4 most injured allies within 30 yards of them
    Thanks for Chaoly for the following diagrams
    Circle of Healing Target ExampleCircle of Healing Target Example 2


Benediction (aka. Bene)

  • Renew (jump) placed by Benediction do not count as a cast, and therefore don’t count as a cast on WCL
  • Benediction Renews include the initial heal component of Renew
  • Benediction Renews initial heal component does proc Echo of Light (jump)

Divine Star

Divine Star (aka. DivStar or DStar)

  • Each direction the star is thrown, the healing is AoE capped, capping the total healing done and splitting it amongst targets healed
    • At the time you cast Divstar, each ally within 40 yards performs a clump check
    • This clump check looks to see how many allies are within 18 yards of them
    • The total number of allies within 18 yards of them then determines how much that target is healed by Divine Star if hit by it
      • The amount healed is the amount shown on the tooltip, if there are 6 or fewer allies within 18 yards of them
      • The amount healed is the tooltip_amount * 6 / number_of_targets if there are more than 6 allies within 18 yards of them
    • This aims to try and prevent Divine Star from doing more total healing per cast when hitting 6 people or more, instead it’s just spread out amongst targets hit.
    • There is potential for the amount to be slightly more or less depending on people moving between the clump check and divine star actually hitting them, however, it’s situational enough it’s virtually impossible to play around
  • A blue post on the topic back in 2014 can be found hereAoE Capping by Celestalon
  • Has a mind of its own in regards to when it will hit a pebble on the ground and return to you early

Light of the Naaru

Light of the Naaru (aka. LotN)


Apotheosis (aka Apo, Apoth)

  • On the GCD as of BfA

Holy Word: Salvation

Holy Word: Salvation (aka Salv)


Lady Waycrest’s Music Box

Lady Waycrest’s Music Box

  • Potential procs per minute shared between damage and healing events, meaning damage procs take away from the number of potential healing ones
  • Dealing no damage and only healing will cause all potential procs to be healing ones
  • The set-bonus Waycrest Legacy means any damage procs do produce a small amount of healing still, reducing the “wasted” healing from damage procs

Revitalizing Vodoo Totem

Revitalizing Vodoo Totem

  • Heal amount is affected by Versatility, Haste and Crit. Not Mastery
  • Haste reduces the time between ticks like any other HoT effect
  • Because the trinket caps the healing amount at 13 stacks, additional ticks heal for the 13-stack amount
  • There is a micro-tick at the end caused by haste nearly always leaving some leftover healing value after the full ticks


Trait Stacking and Scaling

Azerite traits all scale from the item level of the item they’re on. This means a trait on a 370 item will have a higher value than the same trait on a 355 item.

You can obtain the same trait on multiple items, doing so will cause certain attributes of the trait to stack. The general rule for things that DO stack is:

  • Stat Increases – For example, “increases your intellect by 123”
  • Healing effects or increases – For example, “heals for 123”
  • Absorb effects – For example, “absorbs 123 damage”
  • Damage effects – For example, “deals 123 damage”

There are many effects that DO NOT stack, these include:

  • Cooldown reduction – For example, “reduces the cooldown of SPELL by 2 seconds”
  • Duration of buffs and effects – For example, “lasts for 10 seconds”
  • Number of stacks – For example, “stacks 2 times”
  • Number of targets – For example, “heals 4 nearby targets”

Holy Priest has two traits that don’t stack in a somewhat linear fashion.

  1. Sacred Flame – The first trait you get with Sacred Flame doesn’t provide much benefit as the bulk of the mana gained is offset by the cost of the Holy Fire cast
  2. Word of Mending – Only the heal amount stacks. The cooldown reduction on Holy Word: Sanctify does not stack so successive traits give significantly decreased value
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