[Legion] Does T21 answer our prayers?


  • When do I swap to T21?
    • You probably should already be running it, T21 can see benefit in as little as 10-20 ilvls per piece above T20 depending on how well you are able to weave with it.
  • How do I play to T21’s bonuses?
  • Should I drop T21 for higher ilvl off pieces?
    • It is really unlikely it would be worth it, stick with T21 unless you have some amazing TFs.


Gilded Seraph’s Initial Thoughts

Upon release of the Gilded Seraph Raiment (T21) set bonuses, the initial feeling was that it was an underwhelming set. This was a reasonable assessment, especially coming from the Vestments of Blind Absolution (T20). The holy priest toolkit revolves around our Holy Words (Serenity, and Sanctify) and bringing them off cooldown quicker through the Serendipity passive on our filler spells (Flash Heal/Heal/Binding Heal/Prayer of Healing), giving us the Divinity buff which increases the rest of our healing.


The 2 piece while not amazing, provides a little extra Serendipity. The 4 piece is where all the power lies, giving us 50% of the normal Holy Word cooldown 40% of the time. Depending on circumstances, this can give us divinity uptimes approaching 50%.


The T21 bonuses (initially a 30% buff to both 2 and 4 pieces). This removes the raw increase in throughput that we gained through more HWs and more divinity, and moved it onto our filler spells as long as we alternate or weave between ST and AOE healing. The playstyle this creates is a little awkward at first, requiring single target healing when raid wide damage is being taken in order to take advantage of the set bonuses.


The Reality of T21

Along with the 2pc buff to 60%, talenting into Binding Heal makes raid healing not only less painful, but comparable or even greater throughput depending on the overhealing involved and is a lot more mana efficient. This allows us to raid heal for longer periods without danger of using all of our mana too early. The set bonuses also fits well into Antorus due to a lot of encounters that have a lot of ticking damage. Priests have logged fights with up to 114k hps combined benefit (2 piece + 4 piece), some have logged even greater numbers with T21. Individually, this can rival some of our legendary and trinket effects in throughput, seen below from https://wowanalyzer.com/report/zfnpYhxZKtgk4Mrv/14-Mythic+Portal+Keeper+Hasabel+-+Kill+(5:42)/%EA%B9%80%EC%B9%98%EC%96%B4%ED%83%9D


T21 set bonuses contribution, compared with other effects on Mythic Portal Keeper Hasabel.

What does this mean for me, when can I replace T20, how do I even use the set?

The biggest issue with T20 is yes it’s powerful, but we’re human. We are not perfect. Wasted Serendipity (casting filler spells while a Holy Word is ready to cast) is present in even the best parsing logs, and eats into the effectiveness of the set. If you are able to weave, you can wear T21 in as little as 10-20 ilvls above T20 with Binding Heal, a few more levels will be required when running piety, or with less opportunity to alternate spell casts. Tier 21 isn’t perfect, it doesn’t fit every boss really well, but it can be used to good effect on most of them. Some of the later bosses this tier can really be punishing if you have a low health pool, so the increased stamina is immensely valuable.

In order to take advantage of of the new tier set, if incoming damage is low, do what you’d do with T20 or no tier. Use Flash Heal/Heal/Binding Heal as required, using Prayer of Mending and the Holy Words as usual. It is not worth spending mana on Prayer of Healing if it won’t effectively heal. When raid wide damage is being taken, casting gets a little busier with Binding Heal and Prayer of Healing alternating, as well as using both Holy Words when applicable and keeping Prayer of Mending on cooldown.

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