[Legion] Holy Priest Antorus Gear Guide

With the opening of Antorus coming soon, and patch notes released, this writeup aims to provide a quick synopsis of the unique gear that will help us do our job, and keep the raid alive. As with every other raid opening in Legion, best in slot (BiS) list is an outdated term with the current design of the titanforge (TF) system. Trinkets are kind of the exception to this, but after a certain point, the higher ilvl of a TF may win out.

Tier 21

The design of our tier 21 set bonuses aim to give us more efficient filler spells when we alternate casts or “spellweave” them together.

Item – Priest T21 Holy 2P Bonus – Prayer of Healing increases the healing done by your next Flash Heal/Binding Heal/Heal by 60%.

Item – Priest T21 Holy 4P Bonus – Flash Heal/Binding Heal/Heal increases the healing  done by your next Prayer of Healing by 30%.

The tier available in Antorus (in no particular order) is as follows:


Our T20 has honestly spoiled us. Holy words are the core part of our toolkit, and we aim to cast them as much as possible. We will still have the same core casting patterns wearing T21 (casting HWs, then FH/BH/PoH filler as needed until a HW is available again). As such, the stat balance will be very similar to a T20 gear setup. DO NOT STRESS IF YOU CANNOT MEET THESE STATS EXACTLY, CASTING THE RIGHT SPELL ON THE RIGHT PERSON DETERMINES SO MUCH MORE THAN TRYING TO MIN/MAX STATS. 

7.2.5 Raid Stat Balance
7.3 Raid Stat Balance

Just like in 7.2.5, equip your legendaries, tier pieces, and your highest level items in the other armor slots and balance your remaining stats with jewelry pieces.

Combining Tier Bonus

While great in theory, this requires two things:

  1. Limits legendaries to non tier slots.
  2. T20 items will need a titanforge.


X’anshi, Shroud of Archbishop Benedictus‘s utility in progression raiding is amazing. There are almost no words for it between the quick resets between pulls, soaking mechanics, saving food/rune buffs and repair bills, and even a potion reset allowing for up to three potions per encounter. It is also lot of mana free spell casting when proc’d and does not consume a battle rez charge.

As of right now, we are wating to analyze logs of live encounters in order to see how much we can take advantage of the spellweaving buff, and will determine how quickly we can migrate away from T20 and to the T21 set. This post will be updated when that data is compiled.


Along with new tier, and a new raid, we technically have two new legendaries; Insignia of the Grand Army and Aman’Thul’s Vision. While Aman’Thul is legendary in rarity, it does not count as one of the two Legion Legendaries we are allowed to equip; it counts as a pantheon trinket and cannot be equipped alongside our healing role specific Eonar’s Compassion.

The strength of the Insignia depends on what tier 2 Netherlight Crucible Traits your relics have, and is always changing every time you replace a relic.



Below is a ranking of the better relics found within the Antorus


Other relics within Antorus contain Caress of the Naaru, Reverence, Serenity Now, and Holy Hands. They aren’t the greatest traits, but are good if they proc a warforge or titanforge.


The trinkets available in Antorus are ranked below.

Throughput Trinkets

More detailed information on each trinket’s performance can be found in the holy priest spreadsheet here.

Sea Star of the Depthmother (from Mistress Sassaz’ine in Tomb of Sargeras) remains a very strong option, especially if it dropped at a high ilvl for you.

Highfather’s Machination‘s value changes depending on the difficulty of the content/how much damage is being taken. The buff is less likely to fall off in mythic compared to normal.

Mana Trinkets

The 7.1.5 changes shifted mana regen trinkets into a niche area. We have relied upon the Enlightenment talent and proper spell usage in order to manage our mana for the vast majority of content over the last two patches. Mana trinkets were only recommended for the longer progression encounters (Gul’dan specifically). If a mana trinket is needed in Antorus, they are ranked below in order to provide as complete information as possible.


More detailed information on each trinket’s performance can be found in the holy priest spreadsheet here.


In conclusion, Antorus has a lot of good gear for us, some great trinkets, and our top relic trait for our lone life slot. The table below has items you may want to attempt to coin highlighted in green. There are also off tier items, and jewelry to consider depending on your current stats.

Antorus Gear Summary


If you have any interest in getting custom rankings of relics, trinkets, or stat weights; you can take a look at the holy priest spreadsheet here.

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