Battle For Azeroth Beta – Holy Priest

It’s that time again!

The next WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth can now be previewed in the newly released Beta, here we’ll try to cover most of the updates to Holy Priest over the duration of the Beta/Alpha/PTR.

Beta, Alpha and PTR changes a lot. Nothing is final, data-mining has errors… don’t panic! There is a long way to go yet.

You’ll see many things that are data-mined that are incorrect, lots of speculation and an incredible amount of FUD. Just be patient and keep an eye on how things progress as nothing is final until it’s released!

BFA Beta Build 25902 – 26th Jan 2018

The first BFA beta build is out with a few minor changes for Holy Priest. You can view these changes on both the Wowhead build details or the MMOC spell updates thread.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these changes may be data mining errors. We’re waiting on Wowhead to finalise their data-differential to ensure these things were indeed changed between live and BFA build 25902.

Notable changes include:

  1. There has been an overall stat and spell potency squish to accommodate the reduced stamina
  2. Purify has reduced cost from 3.0% to 2.6%, and has no cooldown
  3. Sanctify and Serenity have had their base cooldown changed to 40s from 60s
  4. Power Word: Fortitude looks to be back, providing 10% raid raid wide increase in stamina
  5. T45 and T60 talent rows have been swapped, so no real change here.

There is nothing major to see here, the most interesting on is the reduced holy word cooldowns.

Stay tuned for more updates

We’ll endeavour to keep this site up to date with the latest changes between builds. The focus will of course be primarily on holy priest, so be sure to keep an eye on wowhead and MMOC for all the other BFA news. If you’re a twitter user, we’ll be announcing changes with new builds there throughout the leadup to BFA over at @MechPriest. There is also a discussion channel #bfa-holy over on the How To Priest discord in the Holy Priest section, come say Hi!


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