About Mechanical Priest

What is Mechanical Priest?

Mechanical Priest is a way for me (Niphyr) and others to post our thoughts and discussion on all things Holy Priest. Previously this was done through a series of Google Docs and Google Sheets which has been a nightmare to keep track of and for those out there wanting to actually read it… impossible to find.

The name itself comes from my love of game mechanics and figuring out how things work.

Why do we need yet another website?

This is an extension of the library of google docs and spreadsheets, more of an index than anything. it helps bring together all of the existing content that is fragmented all over the place.

The primary goal is to collate a collection of media rich theory crafting articles together with various ramblings on random Holy Priest topics as well as having links to popular resources all in one place make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

How can I contribute?

If you have an interest in a topic and would like to see some theory crafting or discussion on it, or are interested in publishing something yourself please contact either @MechPriest on twitter or pop by the #holy channel on the Warcraft Priests discord and speak to one of the Holy Team.