[Legion] 7.2.5 Tomb of Sargeras Changes

The 7.2.5 patch notes have been released with 2 new legendaries, new Tier 20 set bonuses, dps buffs and some minor talent changes.

So what does this mean for us?

The only minor unexpected change is the smite buff isn’t as big as it was last PTR build. Overall not much changes for us this patch besides wanting to obtain any 4 Tier 20 items ASAP.

  1. New Legendary Items have been added
    1. The Alabaster Lady is a new helm that has a 15% chance on casting PoM to give Apotheosis effect for 8 seconds. On paper this has potential but testing so far has shown lackluster results. Due to it’s RNG Nature this legendary isn’t going to break into the top 4, but will sit middle of the pack.
    2. Soul of the High Priest is yet another ring. This one grants us the SoL talent. While SoL isn’t an inherently bad talent, particularly in M+… the fact we have to give up another legendary to gain this effect makes it a very poor choice.
  2. New Tier 20 Set Bonuses are here and you will want to obtain 4-piece as soon as you can, it doesn’t really matter which slots so just work around which legendary items you will use on progression.
    1. 2-piece is a very nice passive bonus to the amount of Holy Words we can cast in an encounter.
    2. 4-piece is an incredibly nice passive bonus to the amount of Holy Words we can cast in an encounter.
  3. DPS Buffs are being given to all healers. Nothing major to see here

    note: The last PTR build had 44% total increase for smite, patch notes only 39%.. so we’ll see come Tuesday.
  4. Healing Buff given to Circle of Healing along with the below mana cost reduction still doesn’t make it more desirable than benediction at the moment. Due to the synergy between the piety and benediction talents and the introduction of our new T20 set bonuses, CoH being a GCD we are spending mana but not generating serendipity means it’s still unlikely we’ll be taking it in raids.
  5. Mana Cost Reductions to Circle of HealingBinding HealDivine Star and Halo unfortunately still don’t help their cases much.
    1. Due to our T20 set bonuses the value of divinity will continue to rise dramatically which rules out Divine Star and Halo seeing any action.
    2. Circle of Healing for reasons mentioned above is unlikely to be desirable for raiding.
    3. Binding Heal is now quite efficient for encounters where we are taking a lot of damage, unfortunately it has to compete with piety still which also excels in aoe scenarios.
  6. Crafted Items Now ilvl900 so grab your obliterum if you use any of the crafted items and upgrade those trinkets.
    1.  promises will be our goto mana trinket if we need one in ToS for any longer encounters, especially if you don’t have a very good spine.
    2.  hellfire is extremely competitive now vs other ilvl 900 trinkets as you can see here on the trinkets sheet.
  7. Glyph of Angels is here! Grab your glyph which gives you wings when you generate serendipity (so quite often). It’s a huge wings-per-minute upgrade.
    1. Update: The pattern is reportedly dropping from MoP 5 man dungeons and potentially raids (SoO). It’s appearing in AHs, so go grab it!
    2. Update: I’m yet to see anyone obtain the glyph. No one has seen it on the AH yet so perhaps it was just a data mining bug, or the source hasn’t been discovered yet?

Patch Notes

Below are the actual patch notes for us, you can read the full notes here.

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